Photography Elective


Taking a picture of something green!

Tacking a picture of your shoes!

Tacking a picture of something out of your backpack!


Honor Roll

I got honor roll, I demonstrated the continued commitment required to achieve success!

Heart Mural

My class made a heart mural. We were inspired by Jim Dine he loves to draw hearts, Different class’s from schools colored a piece and we put it together they also sent letters.

orbiting jupiter *Spoiler Alert*

Dear Joseph,

Sorry that you never really got to see Jupiter in real life instead of on a picture. I know how much you wanted to adopt her and have a family with maddie and jupiter. But that never got to happen, I feel sorry that when you where a child you would get beat by ur dad. Jupiter would love to know about you and how nice and caring you are and that you died because you were saving ur friends. Also how she got named after urs and maddies favorite planet and that you guys would always go out to go look at it. Jupiter is happy, she got adopted by Mr. Hurd and Mrs. Hurd and now jack and her are siblings, Jupiter calls jack jackie like how you did.

                                        Sincerely,  Myliah 

How to comment

Tip #1. Be positive and specific.

Tip #2. Make sure to not ask same questions as others.

Tip # 3. Make connections.

Tip #4. Ask questions, Make a conversation.

Tip #5. Only one quotation mark, Always capitalize the I.

Making Oreo Ice Cream

My favorite challenger memory is when we made Oreo ice cream. I loved how we all were playing fun activity games while making ice cream, It was really nice to be all getting along and having a great time. Not only was it fun the ice cream turned out delicious. This is my favorite challenger memory.